Biodata of Bhate Kovido

Born and attended schools in Kedah, Malaysia, Bhante Kovido received a BSc. and PhD. in
Physics from University of Salford, England and worked as a Research Physicist and later as a
Software Engineer.
Bhante’s first taste of a monastic life was a temporary ordination in Perlis, Malaysia in 1984 after
some years of meditation from 1978. From the 1990’s bhante started contemplation meditation
along the practices of the teachings of forest masters, Luang Pu Mun, Ajahn Chah and their
In 2013 Bhante made a tudong pilgrimage of all the 5 Ajahn Chah’s monasteries in England,
about 750 miles and in 2014 to 4 Dhammayutika monasteries, about 500 miles. And went on
tudong during the first year as a monk to the East of England in the winter months, about 280
In June 2015, Bhante was ordained as a Dhammayutika monk, indefinitely at Oxford Buddha
Vihara, Oxford, England.
Bhante’s preceptor is Phra Dhammapandit Abhibalo, the abbot of Wat King Rama IX in
For 4 vassas, Bhante stayed at Wat Yan under Ajahn Suchart Abhijato. Outside of vassa bhante
trained under the monasteries of Luang Pu Baen.
Bhante teaches Samatha (calm) meditation, attaining Jhanas with anapanasati, practices and
teaches along the lines of the Thai Forest tradition.
Bhante is currently involved in building a forest tradition monastery in Seri Telemong, Karak,
Pahang as well as setting up meditation centers for lay people to practice under the Susima