SSOS Program(Sasana Supporter of Susima)

We invite faithful Buddhists to commit towards becoming a Sasana Supporter of Susima project, SSOS.

Susima project is about prolonging the Buddha’s Sasana. For that to happen Susima project is embarking on, encouraging Malaysian Theravadin Forest monk’s to live and practice in Malaysia, and also training future generations of Forest Monks of the Thai Tradition (FMOTT).

To be able to do that we have to provide a secluded remote area of practice with the basic necessities conducive to the training and practices of a Bhikkhu (

Only when we do have monks who know dhamma through their own direct experience of the Buddha-Dhamma, through thorough investigations of physical and mental phenomena of the world, according to the Buddha’s 8-fold noble path, can we say that the teaching is preserved: as it was directly well understood.

Faithful Buddhists will contribute towards the building and maintaining of Susima forest monasteries, and support of the incumbent Sangha, through their monthly contributions of RM80/- as long as they are able.

“…, the Buddha told how, in an earlier life, as a rich brahman called Velama, he himself had distributed an enormous amount of alms but none of the recipients had been worthy of the gifts. Far more meritorious than large donations to unworthy people would be a single feeding of noble disciples, from stream-winners to arahants. Even more meritorious would be the feeding of a paccekabuddha or of a hundred paccekabuddhas, and even more so the giving of alms to a Buddha, or the building of a monastery.”

The building of a monastery (not a meditation center, not a temple) is equivalent to the giving of alms to a Buddha.

So giving to Susima project is one of the highest giving you can offer in this life time.
May we prolong the Buddha Sasana for the benefit of future generations.

ACT Now….

For those who want to enter into this commitment please setup a direct debit and contact Bro. Khor 0126736620.

Contribution setup will be deposited into Maha Satipatthana Buddhist Society UOB bank account number :229 304 5625. Whatapp or email setup slip with your full name and contact number to Khor 0126736620 Henry 0122878818.




Susima计划的发起,是为了延续释迦牟尼佛宣说的正法,并将之传承下去。为此,Susima 计划鼓励南传森林派系僧伽在马来西亚长驻与修持,并培训下一代的泰国森林派系僧人。



佛陀说,有位名叫伟拉玛的婆罗门,他做了很多布施,但沒有任何一位受施者是有资格值得供养者。伟拉玛的大布施,果报不如供养一位具有正知正见者,供养百位正知正见者,果报不如供养一位须陀洹,供养百位须陀洹,果报不如供养一位斯陀含……(中略)……供养百位阿罗汉,果报不如供养一位辟支佛……果报不如供养/布施于建设和维持僧团的修行道场(AN 9.20)


您对于Susima 计划的护持,将是您一生中其中一项最殊胜的供养,果报也无可限量。



若您想护持Susima 计划,请您设置自动扣账机制然后联络许师兄 012-6736620.

每月自动扣账款项请将存入Maha Satipatthana Buddhist Society 大华银行(UOB)账户 :229 304 5625。请您将您设置自动扣账的单据连同全名与联络号码,电邮/Whatsapp发送至许师兄 012-6736620或 Henry 师兄 012-2878818.




增支部9集20經/偉拉麼經(莊春江譯) (繁体,注释)

Numbered discourses 9; 2. the lion’s roar; 20. About Velāma

Sasana Supporters Of Susima (SSOS) Form (资料表格)

Sasana Supporters Of Susima (SSOS) Letter(书函)