Bhante Kovido started Susima Project around July 2019, with the idea of building a monastery in the Thai Forest tradition in the lineage of Luang Pu Mun.

Phase 1 of the project involved purchasing land that’s secluded with great views suitable for forest monk’s to live & practice, and building kutis and meditation platform (klair) on that land. Phase 1 of the project is nearing completion, with just construction of the kutis & klairs to be finished.

Phase 2 now involves purchasing another piece of land to build Sala(s) (halls) for the monks to have their meal and teach dhamma. In this piece of land Bhante would also like to build several kutis for machees (8-preceptor nuns) and lay women who want to come to do a short practice.

In phase 1 of the project, Bhante informed only Malaysians, as Bhante wanted the donations to come from Malaysia. In phase 2 of this project, Bhante would like the donations to come only from Singapore.

In phase 2, Bhante is looking for 10 people who are willing to offer S$35,000 5-years interest-free loan to Maha Satipatthana Buddhist Society (MSBS), which, is handling Susima Project, to speedily purchase a piece of land committed for settlement in 4-months time. The loan would be repaid by MSBS through donations collected over 5 years.


If you would like to take up this opportunity to do dana,

Please contact Bro. Khor. +60126736620


Whatsapp Bhante Kovido. +601112970538

Susima Project Photo Progress