Bhante has created an opportunity just for Singaporeans to participate in their parami of generosity and support of the Buddha Sasana.

Bhante has put down an earnest payment of S$3,500 on a piece of rubber plantation in Sri Telemong, Karak, Pahang to be settled in 3 months time.
A first deposit payment of S$35,000 is expected by 30th of June and final settlement of S$350,000 for the land by 2nd of September 2020.

This project is overseen by Maha Satipatthana Buddhist Society, Malaysia.

What Bhante is planning is for 10 people from Singapore to offer a 5 years interest free loan of S$35,000 each, which, be paid back by the society through donations collected over the 5 years.

This piece of land which is not far from the monks’ kutis on Susima hill (donated by Malaysians) and will be for buildings of meal and meditation Sala(hall) and kutis for maechees.

Whether this project succeeds or not depends on the will and generosity of Singaporeans, but more importantly it is an opportunity for Singaporeans to create a connection with Bhante.

Bhante has friends and distant relatives living in Singapore and hence made this opportunity available to all Singaporeans.

For those who wants to take up this opportunity to support the Buddha Sasana, please contact:

Bro. Khor : +60126736620
Bhante Kovido : +601112970538, Whatsapp only

For more info :
FB : Susima Project.